PhD in Applied mathematics and Computer science. Qualified as associate professor of Mathematical methods for Economics and Finance, she is currently Head of Studies of MSc in Maritime Economy at the Department of Management and Quantitative Studies of the Università Parthenope (Naples).

Stefania Corsaro conducts research on issues in computational finance and computational statistics. She has been a numerical analysis scientist for several years, working on the development of high performance mathematical software. From 2005 her research concerns quantitative finance. She brought her expertise in this field, giving contributions to the development of methods and parallel procedures for the numerical simulation of portfolios of risk management and derivative pricing. She is authors of many papers published in international journals.

Stefania Corsaro is Member of the Association for Mathematics Applied to Social and Economic Sciences. She is member of the Professor Board of the PhD Program in Economics, Statistics and Sustainability; she serves on the Scientific Committee of the MBA on Insurance and Risk Management and the Napoli FinTech Lab.